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Lisa Mainwaring

Lisa is the Deputy Programme Director & host of World Monthly – a current affairs show that tries to make sense of what’s happening in the world, by focusing on some of the major international political stories that are making the headlines. It draws upon faith leaders, theologians, policy experts, and commentators, discussing issues where faith and global affairs collide.

Lisa loves foreign affairs and geopolitics. She studied International Relations & Politics at University, and as a journalist and reporter, she’s worked in many newsrooms, including: BBC News Channel, BBC World, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Asian Network, Sky and other independent radio stations in England and Scotland  - and has been with Premier since 2007. She started as a news journalist and now helps to oversee editorial, making engaging and though provoking documentaries.

You know when Lisa’s in the office by her full, hearty cackle. She’s mischievous, fun and always finds the funny side to life. When she’s not in the office you can find her hiking the fells in the Lake District or doing Parkrun. Originally from the North East, she has a heart for the region. She studies French in her spare time, writes, runs a book club and loves baking. If you ever want to win her over,  bake her cheese scones (she loves them!).


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