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6 Feb 2010 - Do we need God to do Science? Steve Fuller & Thomas Dixon

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Saturday 6th February 2010 - 02:30 am

As we look forward to the screening and debate around the film Expelled at Imperial College London on Sat 27th Feb (See www.premier.org.uk/expelled for info on extra screening & debate) two of the panellists join Justin to debate Intelligent Design.

Steve Fuller is Professor of Sociology at Warwick University. He features as a pro ID advocate in the film "Expelled" and was an expert witness in the USA "Dover Trial" of 2005 when ID was judged non-scientific.

Thomas Dixon is Senior Lecturer in History at Queen Mary University of London. He is critical of the film and the ID movement.

For Steve Fuller see http://www.warwick.ac.uk/~sysdt/Index.html 

For Thomas Dixon see http://www.history.qmul.ac.uk/staff/dixont.html 

Hear more faith debate at www.premier.org.uk/unbelievable or get the podcast or via Itunes

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