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Unbelievable? 23 Jul 2011 - Is there justification for abortion?

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Saturday 23rd July 2011 - 02:30 am

Recent statistics on abortion in the UK saw just under 190,000 abortions in 2010. Figures were also released for late abortions carried out because of physical and mental disability.

Dr. Wendy Savage of Doctors For A Woman's Choice On Abortion has been campaigning in the pro-choice movement all her life. She says the right of the woman to choose comes before the rights of the foetus. She has personally carried out many abortions, offering services in New Zealand before the law was liberalised.

Madeleine Flannagan is part of the New Zealand MandM apologetics blog and has been involved in the Pro-life movement there. She says that assigning a baby in the womb rights at a certain point of pregnancy is arbitrary and that the safest option is to assume from conception that they hold the same human rights as a newborn.

They discuss whether abortion law devalues those with disabilities, at what point a foetus becomes a baby and whether the rights of the mother trump the rights of the child.

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For Doctors for a Woman's Choice on Abortion http://www.dwca.org/ 

For MandM resources on abortion http://www.mandm.org.nz/tag/feticide 

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