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‘And on the eighth day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.’ Leviticus 12:3Have you ever wondered why God commanded Moses and the nation of Israel to circumcise male children on the eighth day?... More

There is growing concern over laws passed in government and high court rulings which are hostile to Christian belief. Public reaction to the Asher’s (gay... More

On 1st July, the one hundredth anniversary of the start of the Battle of The Somme, Premier is broadcasting a special half hour programme “God With Us”... More

The whole issue of infant baptism is a contentious topic amongst Christians. Many Christians believe... More

With most of us owning profiles on social media sites and having access to numerous TV channels, unfortunately... More

Accountability is a word used in many church settings, coined to describe the relationship one church... More

The Love Britain + Ireland Awards are designed to recognise outstanding acts of Christian faith and love... More

Last year was an interesting year for the church in terms of controversial decisions being made and scandals... More

Jeremy’s stated method is to consider the New Testament first, and then to re-interpret the Old Testament to fit his understanding of what he reads in the New. As methods go, it’s quite a common one. But... More

Before Abraham there was no Israel, but there had always been believers. We would regard them as gentile believers I suppose, but the distinction means nothing, since there were no descendants of Abraham... More

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