The way we were

Take a trip down memory lane and listen to some of the interviews and shows from our 1995 launch...

Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley - the keep fit guru - was a part of the original team on Premier urging us all to keep fit with daily tips on diet and exercise. Fast forward twenty years and Cindy Kent asked Rosemary whether she'd dreamt the idea of her arriving in a helicopter?

Part one:

Part two:

Premier Christian Radio's launch souvenir programme


Sal Solo

Twenty years ago today - if you tuned into Premier around 1.30pm your would have heard the sounds of Rejoice Africa, and 'He is Our Peace'. Fast forward 20 years and Cindy Kent tracked Sal down in America where he now lives and works - and asked him whether he could believe that it's 20 years ago?

Part one:

Part two:


Wendy Craig

Then-CEO of Premier - Pete Meadows - had contacted Christians from different walks of life to get support for a Christian Radio Station...several were there in Battersea Park. One of them was Wendy Craig, and Cindy Kent caught up with her to hear about her launch experience.


Mark Stephens

The original Programme Controller 20 years ago was Mark Seaman - who was out and about with Cindy Kent talking to people in the crowd at Battersea Park.


Martin Mitchell

On day one - 20 years ago - the original line up featured, amongst others, Julia Bicknell co-presenting the Breakfast Show, Cindy Kent, Michael Appichella and Rick Easter with the lunchtime news. Baptist Minister Martin Mitchell was the Drive presenter, and here Cindy Kent catches up him.

Press cutting about the launch...with 'Cindi' Kent!


Mark Seaman

Everything was geared up to the launch at 3pm and a party was in full swing in Battersea Park - Cindy Kent and Mark Seaman were out and about mixing with people from all over the country, who were thrilled to be part of history in the making.


Peter Meadows

On this day 20 years ago - the man whose original dream Premier was - Peter Meadows - was in the crowd where Mark Seaman caught up with him. Twenty years later Pete talks to Cindy Kent about those early dreams: when the finance was in place for the station - the team had been chosen - and the licence applied for - but they didn't get it.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:


Baptist minister

Battersea Park was awash with thousands of people for the official launch of Premier Christian Radio. Programme Controller Mark Seaman - with the sound of the Ben Castle Band in the background - spoke to a minister in the crowd.


Bishop's blessing

At 3pm on 10th June 1995 it was a truly momentous occasion as Christians up and down the country had prayed for a Christian Radio station and - finally - their prayers were being answered. Then-CEO Peter Meadows was on the stage in Battersea Park with a bishop for a blessing on Premier.


The countdown

And this is what all the praying and hoping and dreaming was about...

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