Here are the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions at Premier Christian Radio.

Where can Premier Christian Radio be heard?

Premier Christian Radio broadcasts on MW 1305, 1332, 1413 and 1566 across Greater London and Surrey, nationally on DAB, and on Freeview channel 725.

You can check whether Premier Christian Radio is available on DAB digital radio in your area by using the postcode search at UK digital radio.

The transmitters are: 1305 from Chingford (north) and Ewell (south), 1413 from Heathrow (west) and Dartford (east), 1332 from Bow (central London) and 1566 from Guildford.

There is also a free Premier Christian Radio & Premier Gospel App available for iPhone and Android.

Where do the programmes come from?

Based in Pimlico, Premier is equipped with the most up-to-date digital technology. The purpose-built complex includes two on-air studios, three voice-over and programme production studios, and a state-of-the-art commercial production studio.

I’m having problems listening to Premier Christian Radio online. Where can I get technical advice?

Contact Premier at webteam@premier.org.uk with details of your computer, operating system, web browser and which stream you were trying to listen to and we will do our utmost to assist you.

Do we use volunteers?

Premier could not operate without its team of over 150 volunteers who give their services free in the areas of programming, sales, management, administration and Lifeline. Our Volunteers Coordinator services the needs of the station for volunteers through our vast database of potential helpers who have been interviewed and vetted accordingly. Contact us if you would like to volunteer and live within easy travelling distance of London Victoria.

Premier and the local church

One of Premier's aims is to break down barriers and to build bridges between churches and denominations/groups by increasing awareness and encouraging co-operative projects. Premier can support church initiatives by advertising events on Premier's Billboard. We can be a resource for teaching and worship ideas, providing opportunities for individual members to develop and use their gifts and spare time. We can even help ministers to develop their own radio ministry.

Premier and the denominations

So far as the involvement in our programming of people from specific denominations is concerned, we have no formal links with any denomination. Nor do those who take part in our programming do so as representatives of their denomination — unless this related directly to a news story or event concerning a denomination. At the same time, we do not allow contributors to promote their own denominational or theological views at the expense of others.

Premier Christian Radio’s position on controversial issues

Premier does not have a stance on issues, but merely provides a platform for the views of others to be heard.

The editorial approach emphasises the beliefs and values that Christians generally hold in common. There is no place for distinct denominational, theological, political or doctrinal views to be presented as though they are the views of all on-air Christians.

Who are we accountable to in the radio industry?

A Government body called OfCom monitors all licensed commercial radio stations in the UK. It is responsible for monitoring the obligations on its licensees required by the Broadcasting Acts 1990 and 1996. The authority has three main tasks:

  1. To plan frequencies
  2. To appoint licensees with a view to broadening listener choice
  3. To regulate programming and advertising

It publishes codes to which licensees must adhere, and these cover engineering, programmes (including a decency code), advertising and sponsorship. There are also rules on ownership, and the Authority can apply sanctions and fines to licensees who break the rules. We pay OfCom an annual fee. Each licensed radio station obtains a licence of a period of 8 years.

What about the commercials?

The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC) is commercial radio's advertising clearance body, responsible for clearing national and regional advertising campaigns and 'special category' advertisements for broadcast, by checking that they comply with the Radio Authority's Advertising and Sponsorship Code.

We are subscribers to PRS, PPL and MCPS copyright societies who pay artists royalties depending on radio airplay. PRS do this by surveying the station's output on a regular basis.

Premier Christian Radio subscribes to RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd), an organisation established to manage the UK's agreed system of radio audience measurement. Figures are released on a quarterly basis.

Lifeline is a member of the Telephone Helplines Association (THA) which is a body that works with helplines to achieve the highest quality response to all those seeking information, advice and help via the telephone. It is also an associate member of the Association of Christian Counsellors and adheres to their Code of Ethics.

Commercial Radio Companies Assoc (CRCA) is the trade body for commercial radio. It represents commercial radio companies to Government, the Radio Authority, Copyright Societies, and other organisations concerned with radio. CRCA is a forum for industry discussion, is a source of advice to members on all aspects of radio and acts as a clearing house for radio information. It operates the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre which clears advertisements for broadcast.

We are affiliate members of the Evangelical Alliance and adhere to their basis of faith.

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