Dating site vicar suspended after affair

Mon 10 Apr 2017
By Aaron James

The Church of England has suspended a rector who cheated on his wife using a dating website.

According to The Sun, Rev Martin Waswa pretended to be single and a fundraiser for the charity Christian Aid before he began a three-month affair.

He did not tell the woman he met online he was actually a married father of two, or that he worked for the Church.

The Assistant Curate of St John the Evangelist Church in Edmonton, London (above), was suspended from ministry at a disciplinary hearing. His ban starts in May.

It heard that Rev Waswa did not close his online dating account when he married in 2010 and only told the woman he was already partnered when his wife forced him to.

He admitted conduct unbecoming or inappropriate for a clerk in Holy Orders and has begun marriage counselling.

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