London church to invest £100,000 in youth start-ups

Fri 12 Jul 2019
By Heather Preston

A church in London is investing thousands of pounds into future generations in a bid to tackle youth crime and poverty.

Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church (SPAC) Nation will giving away up to £100,000 to young entrepreneurs looking to start a business, to encourage more commerce to poor areas and invest in future generations.

SPAC Nation will hold its second entrepreneurs service this Sunday, building on its success from last year which saw £30,000 invested into the projects of young entrepreneurs.

This year, the initiative, which is funded by church donors, will be offering over triple the amount in investment funds.


SPAC service organiser, Pastor Henry, told Premier the project is a great way to serve their local community: "Areas which are the most economically deprived have greater crime rates and so this cash injection into businesses creates more jobs, creates opportunities, helps current businesses thrive and grow and then this eradicates poverty.

"It's our way of contributing back to society and our local communities." He added.

Speaking about the upcoming event, SPAC Nation Senior, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega said: "This Sunday, many young people's lives are going to change forever for the better."

He added: "Very generous church members have pulled together from their own pockets. At SPAC Nation we're big fans of enterprise and we know how it can change the lives of young people. That's why we believe in helping their entrepreneurial dreams come true."

Pastor Henry is encouraging any and all young people with an entrepreneurial spirit to come along and pitch their ideas.

He said: "What I personally look for is passion and whoever is passionate about what they're doing, and whoever has made a start and has something to demonstrate. There's no requirement whatsoever. Anyone and everybody is welcome to come along and pitch their business."

On top of financial support, SPAC will be providing mentoring services and advice, to help young people grow and sustain their businesses.

Entrepreneurial Sunday will take place at Leonardo Royal London St Paul's, London.


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