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Missions Week

Welcome to Missions Week on Premier Christian Radio.

A week where we are exploring `giving to’ or` going on’ mission. 

What is it that compels a student to take a Gap Year with a Christian Organisation or inspires a couple to move to Paraguay to pioneer a ministry reaching those who have not yet heard the gospel.

In this special program Premier’s Regional Correspondents Rachel Matthews and Ian Britton share some real life stories from Christians who are passionate about mission.

You will hear from…

Alana from Michigan, USA, in the UK on a GAP year working at Enon Baptist Church in Sunderland.

Lauren Goodrick who took a gap year with Wearside Youth For Christ.

Miranda Byers shares how a Short Term Mission Trip helped shape her life.

Baptist minster Jonathan Summerville reveals his ministry in London today was shaped by going on a number of Short Term Mission Trips.

For Canadian Kara Beadle her journey to being part of mission organisation Operation Mobilisation began with a Short Term Mission Trip.

John & Rachel McDonough, Elim Missionaries in Paraguay, share their stories.

Mark Ord, Director for Mission Training at the International Mission Centre in Birmingham, shares how his calling took them to Italy.

Peter Radcliffe and his family are also modern missionaries working in Paraguay.

Michele Mahon and her family are serving in the Amazon rainforest in Peru as part of the BMS World Mission long-term mission programme and she shared what it means to do mission today.

Dr Prabhu Singh, Principal of the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, explores mission in a different context.

Pastor Richard Bentley has lived and worked on the Bransholme Estate in Hull for the last 23 years and explores the impact of long term mission.

Volunteer Keith Mallett from the Birmingham City Mission shares how they seek to help the needy and marginalised of Birmingham.

These fascinating stories show no matter what our age it’s possible to go and share the good news, and do good works, at home or abroad.

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