Rochdale council apologises to child victims of sexual exploitation

Fri 24 May 2013
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A report's revealed a number of failures which allowed paedophiles to exploit young girls.

It's claimed frontline staff at Rochdale Council didn't know how to deal with cases of child sexual exploitation and that the head of the council 'didn't appear to be interested in children's social care issues'.

Rochdale borough council's former chief executive, Roger Ellis, stepped down while the court case was ongoing.

The independent report, published today, blames a a culture of complacency at the authority, which allowed paedophile rings to prey on vulnerable children in the area.

Jim Taylor, the new chief executive, has apologised on behalf of the council saying he was "deeply sorry these young people did not get the care and support they deserved."

Rob Jackson works for The Children's Society and is area manager for the North West of England.

He tells Premier what needs to be done to protect children from abuse.

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