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Vicar breaks wrist during wedding

Thu 11 Sep 2014
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A priest who tripped over a bride’s wedding dress and broke a bone got back up and finished the service.

Revd Roger Scoones said he thought he’d suffered a heart attack when he hit the floor face down during the ceremony in Stockport.

The 66-year-old got back to his feet and continued with the wedding despite his fractured wrist.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper Groom Jon-Paul Stoddard, 31, said: “The wedding was almost over, and we were just getting organised to walk down the aisle to the Wedding March as husband and wife.

“I think Roger must have thought he was about 20 years younger than he is because he tried to jump over the train of Katie’s dress, but he tripped and fell.

“I was wondering why no one else was laughing – I couldn’t help myself. I pulled him to his feet and he just carried on as if nothing had happened. He is a real trooper.”

After the wedding the vicar went to hospital and his arm was put in plaster and a sling for the next six weeks.

He said: “It is a shame it wasn’t caught on camera otherwise I would have sent it in to You’ve Been Framed.”

Hear Revd Scoones speaking on Premier's News Hour:

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