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Archbishop on Northern Ireland peace process: 'We have to keep working'

Tue 10 Apr 2018
By Marcus Jones

Church leaders say there's still work to be done to ensure peace remains in Northern Ireland.

Twenty years have passed since the Good Friday Agreement was signed bringing an end to a thirty year conflict which claimed 3,000 lives.

The architects of the deal will gather in Belfast later.


Former US president Bill Clinton, ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will be among those marking the 20th anniversary.

While some division remains in Northern Ireland - politicians and faith leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure peace reigns.

In a joint statement to mark the anniversary, the leaders of the Anglican and Catholic churches in Ireland suggested more work is needed to ensure peace continues.

They said: "The peace we have today took a great effort to achieve; it will equally take risk, and leadership at all levels, to maintain.

"It is therefore our sincere shared prayer that this anniversary will help to rekindle a spirit of opportunity, healing and hope for lasting peace which is now needed more than ever.

"We call on all people of good will to be ambassadors of reconciliation, helping to rebuild trust and mutual respect in order to move us further forward and closer together as a society that places the common good as its primary purpose."

Speaking further on Premier's News Hour, Anglican Archbishop of Armagh Most Rev Richard Clarke said: "People talk about the Peace Process - the thing about a process is that you think it will go on forever and automatically keep building strength.

"It's more like a peace project that we're being given a space and a structure and we have to keep working."

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