Cardinal due at Ireland abuse inquiry

Thu 25 Jun 2015
By Antony Bushfield

Northern Ireland's long running public inquiry into child abuse will hear from the former leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Cardinal Sean Brady will give evidence to the Historical Abuse Inquiry later.

The investigation has been looking into the actions of institutions when reports of abuse were made.

Cardinal Brady is likely to be asked about Fr Brendan Smyth, a paedophile priest who was convicted of abusing children.

The senior clergyman has already face a fierce backlash after it emerged he was present at a meeting where two victims were sworn to secrecy in 1975.

Their allegations were never passed on to the police allowing the priest to continue abusing other children before being eventually caught in 1994.

Smyth was transferred from church to church and even sent to different countries every time an allegation against was made.

Cardinal Brady has already publicly apologised for the mishandling of the case but has said he had no authority of the priest.

Earlier in the inquiry it was heard that Smyth told a doctor his victims could run into the hundreds.

He died in prison in 1997 following a heart attack.

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