19 year old woman to go to court for spending 6 hours on a church roof

Sun 22 Jul 2018
By Press Association

A woman is in custody after getting on the roof of a former church building.

The 19-year-old was on top of Greyfriars Church in Aberdeen for more than five hours on Saturday.

The tall Gothic structure is on the corner of two streets. 

A congregation haven't met there in over 7 years but there are plans for it to be internally converted into a restaurant and bar. 

It's unknown why the woman was up there. 

The Press and Journal report that emergency services were called at around 10.30am.

Fire and ambulance crews came to find a way to get the woman off the church roof.

The action of getting on top of the 1903 building means the woman is expected to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff court on Monday.

A police spokesman said: “Following an incident today at Greyfriars Church, Broad Street, Aberdeen, Police Scotland can confirm that no persons were injured as a result of the incident, which has now been resolved.

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