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Orange walk re-routed away from church where priest was spat on

Tue 16 Apr 2019
By Press Association

An Orange march which was to pass a church where a Catholic priest was spat on has been re-routed after police warned of potential for significant disorder.

The original route for the Apprentice Boys of Derry (Bridgeton) Easter Sunday parade would have passed St Alphonsus Church, Glasgow, where Father Thomas White was targeted as an Orange walk went by on July 7 last year.


Father White was spat on as he spoke to parishioners outside the place of worship in London Road.

Bradley Wallace was jailed for ten months in February after admitting assaulting the priest - a charge aggravated by religious prejudice.

Glasgow City Council re-routed the procession, which will go from Tullis Street to Cathedral Square and back, away from the church, following a meeting on Tuesday.

A council spokesman said: "Members chose to re-route the procession after hearing serious concerns, raised by Police Scotland, about the potential for disorder due to protests and counter-protests from people opposing or supporting the event."

The Archdiocese of Glasgow tweeted: "We welcome the decision of @GlasgowCC to re-route the march planned for Easter Sunday morning past St Alphonsus and St Mary's.

"The right of ordinary people to go to Mass on Easter morning, free from intimidation and fear is one that must be respected and defended."

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