Prayers before the vote

The Church of Scotland has written a number of prayers ahead of the Scottish independence referendum.

As the country stands just days away from the biggest decision it will make the Church's key committees offered their own prayers:

By Revd Alison McDonald

God be in our minds, and in our reflecting;
God be in our vision, and in our imagining;
God be in our gathering, and in our listening;
God be in our relationships, and in our discussing;
God be in our nation, and in our deciding.

By Revd Neil Dougall

When you made me Lord,
you gave me the capacity to choose.
I live in a country, at a time in history
when I am given a vote.
Thank you for these privileges.
But sometimes I find choosing difficult.
To say ‘yes’ to one option,
means saying ‘no’ to the other.
It’s a huge responsibility,
and this one seems biggest of them all.
What if I change my mind?
What if I make a mistake?
The agony of indecision!
I feel like a flag in the wind.
I blow one way, then the other.
I ask for wisdom and direction.
Help me to choose well,
not just for me and my own
but for the whole nation.

By Revd Janet Mathieson

God, wha hae aye been
and wha bides eftir the warld is nae mair,
for us, your bairns,
in this land o mountain an o flood,
noo is the day; noo the hour
when we maun decide :
maybe aye; maybe no –
this Scotland ; independent or in the union.
Rummlieguts; sweetie-wifies deave us
wi endless blether; tedisome haivers; argie-bargie.
Fae the deep howe o your hairt, O God,
spak tae us your word o peace.
Let us see wi your ain een
a vision on your Scotland –
not small but biggit anew
on founds o justice; leal tae our Lord
an ettlin aye aifter the common-weal.
Guide us, o halie Speerit, tae tak tent
that as we pit oor cross,
it an the ruid o Christ may be as ain -
and so may the guid o awbody and the glory o your name
rise fae referendum result
and, semper reformanda,
we aa dwall for ever eftir in love thegither;
a nation aye your ain
till your kingdom come.

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