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Pro-life group banned from university fayre

Wed 10 Sep 2014
By Antony Bushfield

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has been told it can no longer have a stand at an event for new students of Dundee University.

The organisation has been banned by the Student Association (DUSA) after having a stall at the freshers' fayre since 2005.

According to the Dundee Courier the decision was made by DUSA because students who've had abortions in the past were distressed.

Vice-president Douglas Schreiber told the newspaper: "The students largely do not want anything to do with a group that promotes the removal of rights over bodily autonomy for over half the student population that attend this university."

The SPUC has been at every event since 2005 except from last year when there was not enough space.

Clare McGraw from the organisation told Premier: "We were told that there had been some complaints and we were told particularly people found the foetal models highly offensive and some people were distressed by them."

She added: "It was a surprise that people were offended by the foetal models and I did say that I was quite happy to come in and discuss this but I was sent an email and nobody seemed to want to discuss it."

In a statement the DUSA said: "The Student Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Dundee passed a motion banning the SPUC and similar organisations from DUSA ran events such as Freshers’ Fair.

"This is due to their stance on issues such as LGBT rights, oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives and abortion which directly conflict with DUSA’s Constitution, a legal document which we must comply with.

"DUSA must ensure that students have access to all support and resources available to them, including promoting the availability of the things such as contraception.

"As the SPUC is an external organisation we feel that we cannot allow them to have a stall at Freshers’ Fair, however our pro-life Life Society have been offered a stall."

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