Scottish vicar describes weather conditions which led to driver's death

Thu 05 Dec 2013
By Sarah McAllister

One person's died in stormy weather - as winds of up to 100mph continue to batter parts of Britain.

Parts of the UK are braced for the most serious tidal surge for more than 60 years this evening. Most of the coastal areas at risk are in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, although there are also warnings for north Wales and Kent. More than 10,000 homes are being evacuated. Earlier gales in Scotland brought down trees and power lines - more than 100,000 homes are without power.

There have also been travel problems forcing the closure of the road and rail network. And a driver's died in West Lothian after his lorry toppled over in high winds. 

Revd Murdo McDonald is from St. John's Parish Church in Bathgate near to where the fatal incident took place. 

He tells Premier conditions are beginning to improve. 

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