Salisbury Cathedral

Watch video of Cathedral choir's impromptu plane concert

Sun 02 Apr 2017
By Alex Williams

Sleepy plane passengers were treated to an unusual experience when a choir broke out into song on-board their transatlantic flight.

Footage shows the moment members of Salisbury Cathedral Choir held an impromptu concert during an overnight British Airways flight from San Francisco to Heathrow.

A senior air host asked the group to perform, in a bid to help wake up passengers after their long haul journey from California.


Customer service leader, David Noon, said: "It was utterly unique and I am absolutely sure it was the first time a flight has been filled with such angelic voices.

"The choristers were a delight to be around and gave a wonderful performance on board our A380."

The Cathedral choir recently completed a tour of the US West Coast, when they performed at schools and churches at locations including San Francisco, Saratoga and Carmel.

British Airways First Officer Vincent Schoenfeld, who watched their inflight performance, said: "It's the first time I've seen a performance like this on one of my flights and something I won't forget.

"After their unique performance we wanted to reward them with another unforgettable experience - an invite to the flight deck on the largest aircraft in our fleet."

The choir proved such a hit, they were later invited to perform for business class passengers and given a sneak peak of the flight deck once the plane had landed in London.

The choristers sang There is a Flower, a piece they perform regularly at the Cathedral's Advent Procession, for their fellow passengers.

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