Archbishop of Canterbury

City's refugee welcome is inspiring, says Archbishop Justin Welby

Sat 10 Dec 2016
By Alex Williams

The Archbishop of Canterbury said it has been "inspiring" to see first-hand work in his former-home city to welcome refugees.

The Most Rev Justin Welby was moved to witness support in Coventry for those who have fled countries including Syria, Sudan, Congo and Eritrea; describing it as reconciliation in action.

Speaking about his visit to staff and clients at the city's Refugee and Migrant Centre, he said: "It's been an inspiring day seeing how generously Coventry is welcoming Syrian refugees."

The Centre, who has the Bishop of Coventry Rt Rev Dr Christopher Cocksworth as its' patron, helps individuals fleeing situations including war, conflict and natural disasters.

It helps them access things like housing, employment and education, and encourages them to integrate with the local community.

The Archbishop went on to say: "These are people who are coming from some of the worst suffering anywhere in the world at the moment."

It's thought Coventry has welcomed more Syrians than any other British city, while the director of the Refugee and Migrant Centre, Sabir Zazai, is himself a former-refugee.

Archbishop Justin added: "Coventry has a tradition of doing this - it's a city of peace and reconciliation.

"Having lived and served here I know Coventry is a city that will welcome them (refugees), and will also find they contribute hugely to its future."

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