East Markham Mums

Nottinghamshire mums in 'cheeky' calendar for church struck by thieves

Sun 18 Nov 2018
By Alex Williams

A group of mothers in Nottinghamshire have produced a "naked" calendar to help fund repairs to a local church targeted by thieves.

Mums angered by the theft of lead from St John the Baptist in East Markham near Worksop say they used carefully placed props during photoshoots to ensure images were decent.

Helen Coultate, who made the calendar, told Premier: "It's a beautiful, beautiful church.


"They do various coffee mornings there, aside from services; it's a central part of the village and the community."

It is thought damage caused by the theft - and subsequent rain damage - from the roof could cost £50,000 to fix.

Helen said the idea for the calendar was made by a fellow member of the East Markham Mums page on Facebook - and it quickly gained momentum.

The 33-year-old explained: "The jokey comment received quite a lot of support… people just automatically got roped in.

East Markham Mums


"I think a few people who maybe had reservations got involved after they saw how many people were joining in."

While some pictures are more revealing than others, Helen Coultate said the calendar was never intended to be inappropriate. She added that the church's vicar has been supportive.

She added: "I think it was just [about] balancing our own morals and levels of respect with trying to be a bit risqué.

"There was never going to be anything on show; just cleverly used props and clothing."


It is hoped the calendar will raise £1,000.

Copies of the Naked Truth calendar are on sale for £10 each via the East Markham Mums page on Facebook.

Last month, Premier reported how thieves have stolen the entire lead roof from a Grade I-listed village church in Bedfordshire.

Click here to listen to Premier's Alex Williams speaking with Helen Coultate from East Markham:

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