People and Places in the Birmingham Diocese

The Church of England is to fund a bold series of projects to spread the Christian faith – from a new congregation in a nightclub area to a weekday church - as part of a £35 million investment in mission, it has been announced.

The biggest investment so far by the Church of England’s Renewal and Reform programme is intended to help it reach tens of thousands of people including in city centres, outer estates and rural areas.

In Birmingham, People & Places  is a major Diocese-wide initiative which sets out a framework for church leadership, ministry and mission in which church leadership and ministry resources will be allocated according to population, not historical parish boundaries. The framework also aims to share financial resources more fairly across the Diocese and although every Christian community will have a leader - they won't necessarily be paid, ordained or full time.

Rachel Matthews, our regional reporter for central England went to find out what this would look like in reality and spoke to Fiona Handscomb, Communications Director for the Diocese.

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