The Selfish Giant

Erin Burbridge is creative associate for Riding Lights Theatre Company and spoke with Premier's Rachel Matthews about this story of redemption and forgiveness which feels so appropriate for this season.

Over 18,000 children will be gathering together this Christmas to watch The Selfish Giant, which Riding Lights Theatre Company have presented on film for primary aged children and their families to enjoy - in their homes.

Adapted from an Oscar Wilde story, The Selfish Giant  tells the tale of a very selfish giant, his wonderful garden and, the child who changes the giant’s heart. 

As many of us will be without our annual visit to the panto this year, Erin began by sharing with Rachel, why theatre is so important to us...

And there’s still time to book – whether you want to treat your whole church or a local school, give it as a present to a family you love, or enjoy family time together instead of that annual trip to the panto. 

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