There are more hovercraft in the world now than there has ever been since their invention over 60 years ago.

HoverAid is a Christian Charity that serves others by using unique amphibious technology, namely hovercraft, to bring aid to remote places, where people have no easy access to medical care or clean water. 

HoverAid Hovercraft can get to places that other vehicles can’t with medical equipment, medical teams and support to people across the world. As many people in the world live close to water, where there are no roads hovercrafts can skim over land and water to reach the unreachable. 

 John Greaves CEO of HoverAid spoke with Premier's Rachel Matthews, about his encouragement to us to think about those oversees even in this difficult time we find ourselves in, in the UK.

If you would like to find out more about this charity you can visit their website

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