Stephen Doughty

Christian MP stands by call to halt Trump state visit

Wed 08 Feb 2017
By Alex Williams

A Christian MP says he stands by his claim the US president should not be invited to the UK on state visit, citing Donald Trump's "hateful and divisive" travel ban.

Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, Stephen Doughty spoke on Premier's News Hour as the policy - which banned all refugees and visitors from seven mainly Muslim nations from entering the US - has been scrutinised by US appeal court judges who will decide whether it should be reinstated.

He said: "This does not reflect Biblical teaching, it doesn't reflect what we as Christians should be doing in terms of speaking up for refugees and the oppressed and, ultimately, for loving thy neighbour."

A petition which has been signed by 1.8 million people and says Donald Trump should not be allowed a state visit to the UK, will be debated on Parliament on 20th February.



Theresa May invited the US leader on a state leader during a meeting of the two leaders in the US last month.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has argued the travel ban is intended to protect the US from terrorism, however, lawyers representing states including Washington and Minnesota - which are challenging the ban - argue it discriminates on the grounds of religion.

Asking a lawyer what evidence he had that the ban was motivated by religion, Judge Richard Clifton, a George Bush nominee, said during the hearing: "I have trouble understanding why we're supposed to infer religious animus when in fact the vast majority of Muslims would not be affected."

The 90 day order, which was halted last week, is being examined by a three-judge panel at the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which is also exploring whether it exceeds Mr Trump's powers as president.

In an unusual move, the hearing in San Francisco was conducted via phone and broadcast live from the court's website.

A decision from the appeal court judges is expected later this week, however, the Supreme Court could be asked to intervene, regardless of the outcome.

Stephen Doughty went on to say: "Look at where the actual terrorists who have committed any terrorist atrocities have come from. They actually have come from countries that are not on the list."

Click here to listen to Stephen Doughty speaking with Premier's Alex Williams:

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