Yoga ban causes a stir at Wales church

Thu 11 May 2017
By Alex Williams

A church on the east coast of Wales has upset local residents after yoga was banned from its new community centre.

Parishioners have threatened to boycott St David's Church in the Ceredigion village of Blaenporth over the measure taken by it's parochial church council (PCC).

One wrote in a letter to Aberporth community council: "I and no doubt some blaenporth residents are not at all happy with the view the church has on community activities like yoga, tai chi, taekwondo, cash prize bingo and the like.

"It is supposed to be a community affair where old and young can enjoy a better quality of life. I, for one, will not be dictated to as to what activity events are open to me.

"Therefore, I will not be visiting this establishment for recreational enjoyment until a fair and non biased community centre is built."


A section of St David's Church is being converted into a community centre; however, the PCC has decided the ancient Indian tradition of yoga - and other "non-Christian" activities - would not be permitted.

Another anonymous local said: "With the best will in the world it will not be a proper community centre - it cannot be."

Pilates is not being prohibited.

A Church in Wales spokesman said church officials were "keen to broaden the use of St David's Church" but it would continue to be a Christian place of worship.

They added: "Therefore, it is felt that activities that might be seen to be in conflict with Christian values and belief would not be appropriate."

Some Christians fear yoga opposes Christian teaching by focusing on the self, rather than God.

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