With everything going on around the world, I nearly forgot that this week marks the beginning of Lent. The 40-day-period, named after an old English word meaning ‘lengthen’, is an opportunity to reflect... More

Pete Phillips explains why being a Christian does not mean magical exemption from the consequences of a fallen world. More

Dr. Erik Strandness says it’s not just historical facts that need to be harmonized. More

As the silent scourge of COVID brings free nations to its knees, we are being more urgently reminded than ever that a decent society rests on the pillar of human dignity. We in the West are heirs to a... More

Now that the Coronavirus pandemic is hitting the West with full force, my social media timeline has been filled with responses to it. Many are practical - how can we be good citizens and support the most... More

Coronavirus caught us off guard. Peacefully snoring away in our cultural slumber an alarm went off that we didn’t set, a wake-up call that we didn’t request. Groggy and disoriented we fumble about trying... More

Unbelievable? recently featured a fascinating scientific discussion between Joshua Swamidass and Nathan Lents regarding Joshua’s new book, The Genealogical Adam and Eve. Justin did a wonderful job of helping... More

The issue of God, Gay Christians, and the church has fueled more consternation than conversation. It is an issue that has fractured relationships between friends, families, and fellowships. It is a complex... More

How do we deal with the rising tide of anxiety and depression that is exacerbated by our digital age? This was the question posed to the Buddhist Rachel Holmes, and the Christian John Mark Comer, on a... More

It would be an exaggeration to describe Britain as already a secular society but our culture indicates that is where we are heading unless we can persuade national leaders and influencers to recognize... More

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