British politics is in an almighty mess and there are no quick or easy ways to sort it out. Brexit is obviously one of the causes of this mess, but it’s not the only one. The result of the 2016 Referendum... More

Britain is fast becoming a secular society, presenting the faith communities with a serious challenge.The statistics tell people of faith we are now a... More

There is something approaching a crisis of leadership in British politics.  More

There is no denying that Brexit has deeply divided the nation. In the 2016 Referendum 51.89% voted to leave the European Union and 48.11% voted to remain. That result has dominated the subsequent debates... More

Similar incidents have occurred in our country too. Last week five mosques in Birmingham were attacked with a sledge hammer but nobody was hurt. The Finsbury Park Mosque saw a more serious attack in 2017... More

The Institute of Fiscal Studies forecasts an increase of 7% in child poverty by the 2022 General Election. What hope can these fellow citizens have of escape from lives of misery?When she became Prime... More

306 people were stabbed to death in 2018 in the UK, of whom 76 were in London.  This year 17 people have already been killed in London, five in the last week, leading to calls for action by the Government.... More

137.9 million people came to Britain in 2018 but that included British citizens returning to their national home as well as visitors coming to visit relatives and for vacations or to study at our Universities.... More

Choice is a mental process whereby we evaluate and select one of a number of options before us. Our choices become real and have consequences when we act on them. The freedom and capacity to choose is... More

Something very odd is going on in our heads when we see a title like the one above.It jars within us, it goes against the grain. We see two conflicting ideas being made to look the same. We might do a... More

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