Esther O’Reilly looks at why an Oxford Professor and a California talk show host’s Big Conversation was able to shed light on this generation’s meaning crisis More

Peter S. Williams reviews The Big Conversation between New Testament scholars Bart Ehrman & Peter J. Williams More

I am struggling with a tension about voting in the 2019 General Election. I know that as a citizen of the UK I have a duty to vote because that is a foundational... More

The Bible sets high value on the individual but it also sets people in families and communities. “It is not good for the man to be alone” the Creation story tells us (Genesis 2:18). However, one third... More

Good-natured discussions between well-informed individuals are in short supply.  For that reason, Peter Williams’ discussion of his most recent book (‘Can We Trust the Gospels?’) with New Testament scholar... More

Coincidentally, Tuesday also saw the launch of a Labour Party Race and Faith Manifesto at which Mr Corbyn emphatically stated that anti-Semitism has no place in any organisation in the UK and the Labour... More

The Big Conversation from Unbelievable? recently aired a debate between New Testament scholars Peter Williams and Bart Ehrman on “The Story of Jesus: Are the Gospels Historically Reliable?” Williams was... More

They reported, “More children coming to school hungry or thirsty, worse after the weekend”. They had seen children begging food from their peers. Some children had not eaten, in some instances for days.... More

Everyone has a worldview, the set of attitudes, assumptions and accumulated expectations which shape how we interpret and respond to everything we experience. Increasingly the world views of the majority... More

The demand for its services has increased because the population has grown in the last ten years from 60 million to 64 million. People are living longer now and there are more people over 65 but 47% of... More

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