Two publications this week have indicated that a lot more needs to be done to stop slavery in Britain. More

The UK is one of the most successful multiracial democracies in the world which explains why so many people want to come here. That said, it is Government... More

Christian illusionist Bryan Drake explains why Derren Brown’s Netflix show Miracle should send us on a quest for truth More

That is not to say it will, nor to use the possibility as an argument against Brexit. Rather it is to consider these tensions and what they might mean for the future of the UK.Wales was separate until... More

Bringing diverse and brilliant minds together for unique and fascinating conversations is the best part of my job as the host of the radio show and podcast Unbelievable? The latest show is no exception.... More

In the 2016 referendum 52% voted Leave and 48% voted Remain. Whilst most Remainers democratically accept the result, there is no consensus about what Brexit means. Some want us to walk away without any... More

More recently he has called on all members to increase their contributions to NATO and not expect America to foot the bill for their security. Others have followed his lead and suggested that NATO is an... More

Thus 18% of the population are now over 65 and 2.4% are over 85. The possibility of living to 100 and receiving a telegram from the Queen is no longer a rarity but this trend raises some serious issues... More

The contemporary world pulls us in opposite directions every day. The politician you support, the worldview you subscribe to, even the theologian you read… In almost every important category of life the... More

I have been studying, teaching and doing politics for 55 years and I cannot recall anything like the present deep divisions and the failures of political leadership to build bridges and unite the nation.A... More

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