It’s the most natural question in the world: If God is good and all powerful, then why doesn’t he just stop bad things happening? It’s something that individuals often ask at times of personal tragedy.... More

Medical doctor Erik Strandness asks whether this pandemic could put us in touch with spiritual reality. More

Neonatal doctor Erik Strandess responds to a new debate on Adam, Eve and evolution More

The issue of God, Gay Christians, and the church has fueled more consternation than conversation. It is an issue that has fractured relationships between friends, families, and fellowships. It is a complex... More

How do we deal with the rising tide of anxiety and depression that is exacerbated by our digital age? This was the question posed to the Buddhist Rachel Holmes, and the Christian John Mark Comer, on a... More

It would be an exaggeration to describe Britain as already a secular society but our culture indicates that is where we are heading unless we can persuade national leaders and influencers to recognize... More

The Government thinks 70% of immigrants from the EU currently here would not qualify for entry to the UK in 2021 but the 3.2 million EU citizens already here and wishing to remain would be allowed to stay.... More

Controversy is not inherently wrong. Matthew 15:1-20 demonstrates that Jesus engaged in controversy with the Pharisees whom he accused of hypocrisy. The Council of Jerusalem was called to resolve a controversy... More

That said the Prime Minister is conscious that he has to repay the traditional Labour supporters who helped to give him a majority of 80 seats in the House of Commons. After the election he said, “You... More

‘Can atheism deliver a better world?’ That was the title of a recent Big Conversation between Matt Dillahunty who hosts The Atheist Experience in Austin Texas, and Christian speaker Glen Scrivener who... More

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