Unless one is totally committed to one side of the Brexit debate or the other it is hard not to conclude that there are signs of political madness in contemporary British politics.  More

Policy differences are normal in democratic politics but Brexit has broken down the usual party loyalties, making British politics increasingly unpred... More

The British Social Attitudes Study has found that 53% of Britons have no religious faith and amongst those in the 18-24 age group three quarters say that.... More

Migration can involve huge risks. It is estimated that 341,361 have already died trying to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe in the last few years. They were desperate to escape tyrannical Governments,... More

There are many other problems facing us today. A billion people are struggling to survive at or below subsistence levels. There are civil wars in Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan South, the Central African... More

However, her Chequers plan for a soft Brexit has been rejected by EU leaders and were she to compromise further the right wing of her party would almost certainly defeat that. Hitherto, planning for a... More

I am a non-believer. If you asked me about Christian beliefs specifically (a creator God, Jesus as redeemer, resurrection, eternal life etc) I am an atheist. However, the New Atheists cannot stand me.Richard... More

1. The Chequers PlanAfter a Cabinet meeting at Chequers on July 6th, fifteen months after the Government triggered Article 50 to initiate the withdrawal negotiations, Theresa May announced agreement to... More

The question the politicians are now ducking is whether that is still the will of the people. In the normal run of politics our elected representatives are well aware that the will of the people changes... More

God has commanded us to preach the good news to all. When Jesus returns he will restore the earth. In the meantime, no you can’t have a blood transfusion.Even if it will save your life. Welcome to the... More

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