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Politics Today

Premier's political editor, Martyn Eden, looks at what is happening in the corridors of power through a Christian perspective.

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Last Sunday the Brexit process entered a new phase when the EU Council of Ministers approved two documents. The first was the draft Withdrawal... More

Britain is in the worst political crisis for at least a generation, certainly more serious than the so-called Suez crisis.  More

The early Church was largely silent in the political arena. Christians were a minority group, sporadically persecuted and pre-occupied with evangelism,... More

The climax of the creation story is the creation of human kind and when God made us human beings he made us in his own image. More

Whatever the economic justifications for the last eight years of austerity, the harmful social consequences have made ending it a political priority.... More

This Monday (29th October) Philip Hammond delivered his 2018 Budget, the first ever Autumn Budget and the first to be delivered on a Monday since... More

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