Ten Greek things some Christians do ...

What is a “Greek” Christian?

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Just a bit of serious fun, but have a look at this list. Do you know anyone guilty of some or all of these? This is not a condemnation, just an observation. This is a taster for the next section, where we will discuss these issues further.

  1.  Fall out with each other over minor matters of doctrine – Christian unity is a precious thing and not to be sacrificed on the altar of cleverness.
  2.  Argue endlessly with atheists – The Christian faith is about relationship with Jesus, not an arena for intellectual debate, as only the Holy Spirit is going to convict souls.
  3.  Are able to justify just about anything from the Bible – Allegory and the ‘spiritualising’ of Bible text are rife these days with ‘teachers’ twisting Scripture to support their ideas or questionable behaviour.
  4.  Consider that Church is what you do on Sunday mornings – The church is not the building, but the people who meet inside it, who also exist the rest of the week outside the building!
  5.  Believe that the Jewish people are rejected by God – The roots of this idea are firmly within ideas from Greek philosophy.
  6.  Listen to a sermon uncritically – We are urged to be like the Bereans, who measured the words of Paul against Holy Scripture and were not afraid to challenge the preacher.
  7.  Have a high view of Church traditions – There is no higher authority for a Christian than the written words of God, Holy Scripture. Church traditions should never have a higher place.
  8.  Refuse to visit churches of a different denomination – We are the Body of Christ. The fact that we meet in different places and follow different means of expressing our faith should not stop us from meeting each other.
  9.  Believe that drums are the tools of the devil – Joy in worship is a wonderful thing. Just because some instruments have been put to profane use should not stop us from using them to worship God.
  10.  Eat quiche – Can’t stand the stuff. There must be some sort of Greek angle I can use to vilify this horrible concoction! 
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