Yeshua Explored

Author Steve Maltz reveals more about the life and Jewish background of Jesus in this fascinating journey back to the very roots of our Christian faith. A new article is posted every Monday, with an archive of over 600 articles. More from Steve on his Saltshakers website.


The start point is the prayer that is in the mezuzah that Jewish families attach to their door-posts. It is the Shema, the most important prayer... More

Then the man (Adam) and his wife (Eve) heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from... More

Jesus really needed to get his point across, in words as well as actions. He had three years to demonstrate exactly why he had come to earth.... More

We start at some of Jesus's own declarations of being the Son of Man. Interestingly it wasn't this name that mitigated against him, it was the... More

Back to the Jewish home. Although the marriage covenant is the starting point, the natural consequence is the building up of a family. The Jewish... More

Doesn't Jesus call himself the Son of God? That's a good question, because, interestingly, in the whole of the Gospels, Jesus rarely mentions... More

When it came to names for himself, there's one that Jesus preferred above all, Son of Man. Every time you see this expression in the Gospels,... More

So the first marriage, between God and Israel, failed on account of the bride's adultery. The second marriage is to be between God's son and... More

A home is where you can be real, where you are you. If we considered our homes in the same way as religious Jews then there would be no room... More

Then there is the Sabbath, the Shabbat, celebrated from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown."If you keep your feet from breaking the Sabbath and... More