Justin: Well, today on the program we’re asking, Does John’s gospel present a historically accurate picture of Jesus? Craig Evans is a distinguished New Testament scholar currently serving as professor... More

War has a new meaning. It used to be about armies fighting in pitched battles, with weapons of increasing sophistication. It meant millions of people being... More

EU membership is not a black and white issue and it is time that a lot of people realised this. Yes, there are some serious flaws in the EU that fuel the... More

Of course there is nothing wrong with honest criticism. No one is perfect and capable of 360 degree vision in everything we write.  We can all learn from the insights of others when they are offered graciously.... More

Irish women and children enjoy better health than the English and Welsh, and low abortion rates is part of the reason -  but crossing the red line into despatching humans by abortion will backfire on women.If... More

To begin with, I am not a fan of the Royal Family. I find the whole thing out dated and in need of a make over. But seeing them squirm over Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon was brilliant. He didn’t say anything... More

This number included more than 200 children and 17 medics who were certainly not trying to invade Israel. The Palestinians have been protesting for the last six weeks, mostly about the building of Israeli... More

Previously, their Lordships voted to ask the Government to rethink its position on remaining in a customs union, contrary to the Prime Minister’s intentions. This week they voted with a majority of 91... More

Wicca is the fastest growing religion in the world today.That's according to Professor Ronald Hutton from the University of Bristol. He was speaking on the Channel 4 programme A Very British Witchcraft,... More

The will of the people is about political legitimacy but he meant more than the will of the majority, which is how it is currently being interpreted. Rousseau’s concept of the general will was intended... More

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