Last Sunday the Brexit process entered a new phase when the EU Council of Ministers approved two documents. The first was the draft Withdrawal Agreement and the second an outline framework for the future... More

Following Daniel Dennett and Keith Ward's debate 'Are We More Than Matter?' on The Big Conversation, Australian Unbelievable? listener Ernest Massey tells... More

Following his human rights debate on The Big Conversation, Esther O’Reilly says even fellow atheists baulk at the implications of Singer’s philosophy More

The publication of the draft Withdrawal Agreement has made this obvious but the 2016 Referendum was the real trigger. That vote, with a small majority for leaving the EU, following campaigns that failed... More

The medieval church voiced its views in every debate but became so corrupt that its voice was seldom distinctively Christian.The Reformers sought to restore the Church’s purity, though Calvin allowed the... More

It follows that we are all very special in his eyes. The Psalmist reflects this when he poses the question, “What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” And he answers... More

I suspect that prisons and prisoner welfare are not a high priority for most people but sobering new evidence suggests they should be both for the sake of the prison staff and for the prisoners themselves.... More

It was an upbeat Statement reflecting the improving state of the British economy. The Chancellor’s task had been made easier by the creation of 3.3 million jobs and lower unemployment in every part of... More

She referred to those who might have a job but no job security.  She spoke of those who are just managing and worried about paying the mortgage. She promised, “The Government I lead will be driven, not... More

The future Bishop of Edinburgh was having a crisis. Easter Sunday was coming, and he had to prepare a sermon.It was not his first Easter sermon. Far from it. He knew the Easter sermon rhythm well. Year... More

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