If, as seems inevitable, the UK Government is convinced that the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal using a nerve gas was the work of agents of President Putin, how Theresa May responds will... More

Freedom of religion and belief, which includes non-belief and the right to change one’s belief, is a universal principle formally recognised by the United... More

Barak Lurie suggests we need to be more honest about the damage atheism has caused More

She wants “to have a good trading relationship with the EU. But we also want to be able to negotiate trade deals” with other non-EU countries. (PMQs 28.2.18) For that reason she has ruled out membership... More

One of them had chronic nephritis and his brother donated one of his kidneys to his twin which gave him another five years of life. Since then other organs – pancreas, liver, heart and skin, have been... More

Dr Billy Graham has been my biggest role model - not just as a Christian but as an evangelist. His life and dedication to the proclamation of the gospel led to millions hearing, and responding to, the... More

Have you ever sat in a room where someone is closing a meeting and says, "Well, we’ll leave it there...unless anyone has a burning question they still want to ask"?I don’t know about you, but I’ve never... More

Hate speech has become common and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem not to have blocked this. The Home Affairs Select Committee and the Committee on Standards in Public Life have called on the social... More

It is not easy to come to terms with the death of Billy Graham.It was not that his death was unexpected, far from it; Billy, aged 99, had suffered several ailments for many years. Indeed, in his last book,... More

The 1918 Act came at the end of the First World War in which a lot of men had been killed and if equality had been established then women electors would have outnumbered the males. So virtually all men... More

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