Age is one of them. 81% of 55-64 year olds and 83% of 65+ voted whilst only 36% of 18-24 year olds did so. The significance of this is that the older citizens were more likely to have more socially conservative... More

In the 2016 referendum on UK membership of the European Union a majority of 3.8% voted to leave the EU. Subsequently, the Conservative Government led by Theresa May negotiated with the EU the terms on... More

Hard line Brexiteers want much more than the removal of the backstop from the deal Theresa May negotiated with the EU. David Davis, the former Brexit Secretary, has suggested a number of other changes... More

Britain is becoming a secular society as the number of those who identify with a religious faith continues to fall. 53% of Britons now say they have no religion and amongst the 18-24 age group that figure... More

Michael Gove’s statement in the Sunday Times (28th July) that a no-deal Brexit is now assumed to be a very real prospect is bad news however strong the desire for closure. Prime Minister Johnson is determined... More

When Harold Macmillan sacked seven Ministers in 1962 it was called the ‘night of the long knives’. On his first night as Prime Minister Boris Johnson sacked eleven, not counting the six who had resigned... More

Last Thursday the Government was defeated by 274 votes to 315 on an amendment to a Northern Ireland Bill that could precipitate a constitutional crisis this week. Four Cabinet Ministers abstained and 17... More

A no deal Brexit on 31st October is now most likely. Spokespeople for the EU are saying very bluntly that the only deal they will offer us is the one they negotiated with Theresa May, which was rejected... More

The new leadership of the EU institutions have now been selected and require only the European Union Parliament to ratify them. These are the people with whom our new Prime Minister will have to negotiate... More

The preacher J John tells the story of meeting a supermarket cashier who was wearing a cross on a necklace. He asked her if she was a Christian."No", she answered.He then asked her what she would think... More

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