The Government thinks 70% of immigrants from the EU currently here would not qualify for entry to the UK in 2021 but the 3.2 million EU citizens already here and wishing to remain would be allowed to stay.... More

Controversy is not inherently wrong. Matthew 15:1-20 demonstrates that Jesus engaged in controversy with the Pharisees whom he accused of hypocrisy. The Council of Jerusalem was called to resolve a controversy... More

That said the Prime Minister is conscious that he has to repay the traditional Labour supporters who helped to give him a majority of 80 seats in the House of Commons. After the election he said, “You... More

‘Can atheism deliver a better world?’ That was the title of a recent Big Conversation between Matt Dillahunty who hosts The Atheist Experience in Austin Texas, and Christian speaker Glen Scrivener who... More

We live in an ageing society. The numbers of people aged 65+ are projected to increase by 49% over the next twenty years and those over 85 are expected to increase from 1.4 million to 2.7 million in those... More

Globalisation has increased over the last 40 years, driven by developments in transport, communications and economics. Companies like McDonalds, Microsoft, Apple and Google are found in virtually every... More

If you are going to scoff at evidence, scoff big. This was the thought that flashed through my mind when the atheist philosopher AC Grayling challenged me during our debate on The Big Conversation to nominate... More

For many living longer is the result of better health and diet and is to be welcomed but for some it can mean loneliness and the need for caring support. Positively, healthy elderly people have a lot to... More

The evidence is seen in the fact that almost a third of those entitled to vote no longer bother to do so. Turnout in December’s election was 67.3% whereas after the World War, in 1950, it was 83.9%. Underlying... More

Justin Brierley of Premier Christian Radio and Unbelievable? just released the latest in his ‘The Big Conversation’ series, a debate between Glen Scrivener and Matt Dillahunty on ‘Can Atheism Lead Us to... More

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