She referred to those who might have a job but no job security.  She spoke of those who are just managing and worried about paying the mortgage. She promised, “The Government I lead will be driven, not... More

The future Bishop of Edinburgh was having a crisis. Easter Sunday was coming, and he had to prepare a sermon.It was not his first Easter sermon. Far from it. He knew the Easter sermon rhythm well. Year... More

The easiest explanation is to harken back to the ‘Troubles’ before the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and a fear that a hard border might lead to a resumption of those incidents but there are other, non-violent... More

The first sign came when David Cameron called the referendum in 2016 and failed to recognise the way in which it would divide the nation as deeply as it has. He did this to placate his right wingers who... More

For some MP’s loyalty to their party comes second to their commitments for or against Brexit. Could this lead to a reshaping of party politics and even the emergence of new parties?At least three distinct... More

The UK has among the highest rates of family breakdown in Europe. 45% of teenagers studying for their GSCEs are not living with both parents. This is not because their parents are divorcing but because... More

Migration can involve huge risks. It is estimated that 341,361 have already died trying to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe in the last few years. They were desperate to escape tyrannical Governments,... More

There are many other problems facing us today. A billion people are struggling to survive at or below subsistence levels. There are civil wars in Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan South, the Central African... More

However, her Chequers plan for a soft Brexit has been rejected by EU leaders and were she to compromise further the right wing of her party would almost certainly defeat that. Hitherto, planning for a... More

I am a non-believer. If you asked me about Christian beliefs specifically (a creator God, Jesus as redeemer, resurrection, eternal life etc) I am an atheist. However, the New Atheists cannot stand me.Richard... More

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