He is one of the best-known Christian evangelists in the world.He speaks before kings, political and cultural leaders and large student gatherings. He is a superb communicator, a gifted thinker and a good... More

The assumptions of secularism are not a reliable guide to the way the world works.” She reminded the House of the immense contributions that people of faith are making to the well-being of the nation –... More

That means that British workers take five days to produce what German workers produce in four but there is more to this than inefficient labour.Firms that don’t or can’t invest in new capital equipment,... More

Brexit has also caused a falling value of the pound leading to price increases for imported goods. Business confidence has been damaged by the uncertainties associated with Brexit and caused some to defer... More

The EU has responded to the initiation of Article 50 by setting three priorities and refuses discuss our future relationship and trade with them until these priorities are met. We need to understand those... More

Today marks the centenary of the death of Oswald Chambers, the most published devotional writer of all time – an accolade he never sought.Indeed, he died before his most-loved book, My Utmost for His Highest,... More

David Davis will lead for the Government and Sir Keir Starmer for the Opposition but there are backbenchers in both parties as well as the Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists all seeking to reshape... More

Take our political leaders to start with. Eleven MPs, including Government Ministers are under investigation for sexual harassment and worse and one Cabinet Minister has already resigned. The party leaders... More

Inevitably the newspapers are making a meal of all this as they did with the expenses scandal but whilst their journalistic motives might be open to question there is no doubt there is a very real and... More

To that end we are not to conform to worldly patterns but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2) I suggest we need to be renewed in our thinking about four important issues in our... More

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