For nearly four decades I have followed Jesus, and looking back I see an obvious pattern. The seasons of greatest progress and spiritual depth have coincided with the practice of daily Bible reading. Likewise,... More

Her fault was calling an unnecessary election and performing so poorly that her party lost its majority. Nevertheless, the Conservatives were the only party that could legitimately form a Government. They... More

The aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster cruelly exposed this. The General Election exposed another division, between young and old. There are also religious divisions highlighted by the Finsbury Park... More

Those objectives were not included in the referendum question so they cannot be seen as unquestionable outcomes binding on our negotiators.Recognising this has become essential because there is now almost... More

It seems possible that the outcome will be a hung Parliament with all the complications that would create. From a neutral perspective, what is most fascinating is the way the political demographic is changing.  Whilst... More

A bad deal could lead to major job losses and a serious downturn in the economy. More than that, if it is fuelled by and perpetuates xenophobic attitudes to foreigners, it will seriously damage Britain’s... More

To slay them as a perverted expression of those beliefs makes his act one of unforgivable evil.  Respect for freedom of belief and religion is a precious human right but surely not for anyone whose beliefs... More

Predictably Brexit is an important item. The Conservatives repeat their commitment to reduce and control immigration from Europe. Neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats follow that line. They both want... More

Even so they won two of the new Metro-Mayoral elections in Manchester and Liverpool. The Liberal Democrats would have been disappointed with their results and the writing was on the wall for UKIP who lost... More

It is rumoured that President Trump is about to pull the USA out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. He always said he would but climate scientists hoped he would change his mind once he was in office... More

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