Regardless of who wins the contest between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt for the leadership of the Conservative party and becomes our next Prime Minister there are a number of Brexit related issues that... More

Under what circumstances does a sceptical non-believing Bible scholar begin to sound like a Christian apologist?  One of the most bizarre moments of hosting my radio faith debate show Unbelievable? was... More

A crisis of faith is never welcome in a Christian's life. Perhaps even less so in a church leader's life. And least of all in the middle of a sermon they are preaching.In 2014 Drew Sokol was the assistant... More

Whilst it is not my role or wish to take sides in the Conservative leadership campaigns, it is my right as a citizen to question the statements and assumptions being made by the candidates from a neutral... More

At last the remaining candidates for the leadership of the Conservative party all took part in a BBC debate, including Boris Johnson, the front runner. Hitherto he has remained aloof to avoid gaffes that... More

The concept is simple. We place a post box at the entrance of our church and invite people to anonymously deposit their ‘Big Questions’ in it over the course of several weeks. We then take the questions,... More

Theresa May’s resignation has triggered an election process for selecting her successor. That began this week and will take the best part of six weeks. Candidates had to be sitting MPs who had the support... More

Few would deny that Britain is more divided than at any time in living memory. If we want to heal those divisions, we have first to understand their causes. Superficially, the 2016 referendum and the vote... More

The EU Parliamentary Elections revealed two things. The nation continues to be deeply divided on whether or not to leave the EU, and is frustrated with the politicians for not resolving the issue one way... More

Last month’s elections to the EU Parliament produced some challenging evidence about Brexit Britain, but it needs careful analysis. Superficially the elections were a startling success for the Brexit party,... More

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