It comes after news that 29% of UK businesses are planning to relocate their work overseas because of Brexit. 16% have already started relocation and another 13% are actively planning to do so. Most are... More

Yes, there are a few exceptions but overall the polls tell a sorry story. According to the latest ComRes “Pollwatch” only 6% think that our MPs are handling Brexit well. Only 10% think that our politicians... More

A cross party group of former Ministers, including the chairs of four Select Committees, have come together to try to block any possibility of a no-deal Brexit.  No-deal is the default position if Parliament... More

There are three options: May’s deal, no deal and no Brexit. There seems to be no majority for the first two and a reluctance to ignore the referendum result and dump Brexit.  Both the major parties are... More

New figures have revealed the UK saw a 50 per cent increase in terminations for Down's syndrome over the past decade. The revised abortion statistics which were released this week show there were 655 abortions... More

Whilst her move was unexpected the reason for it should come as no surprise for four reasons. First, this has been a minority Government since the 2017 General Election; propped up by the ten DUP MPs who... More

Practically, this was merely a start to the process because both documents have to be formally approved by the UK Parliament and the EU Parliament and fleshed out in more detailThe draft Withdrawal Agreement... More

I was baptised into the Anglican Church in Australia and was raised in a family which labelled its religion as Anglican. In reality however, ours was a very loose faith. We went to church about twice a... More

“The chimpanzee and the human share about 99.5% of their evolutionary history, yet most human thinkers regard the chimp as a malformed, irrelevant oddity while seeing themselves as stepping-stones to the... More

The publication of the draft Withdrawal Agreement has made this obvious but the 2016 Referendum was the real trigger. That vote, with a small majority for leaving the EU, following campaigns that failed... More