Theresa May has said ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ but Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council disagrees. “A no-deal scenario would be bad for everyone, but above all for the UK.” For... More

More inclusively it is also applied to those who act with courteous good will and respect for others, even when they disagree. There are exceptions but grace, in any sense, is not a word that easily springs... More

In his conference address, Philip Hammond affirmed that whilst a market economy is not perfect it is “The best system yet” He argues that without profit-making businesses there would be no cash for schools,... More

Michael Franzese was born ‘into the business’, as the son of a notorious New York mafia boss. Working his way up through the ranks over the years he became a caporegime (Captain) in 1980, a position he... More

This includes the nationalisation of the Royal Mail, the railways, water industry, energy suppliers and the construction industry. It also includes measures to regulate interest rates on credit cards and... More

The Brexit negotiations have not been making much progress. In part, that is because the British side has failed to understand that we were never going to get as good a deal as we had as a member.  There... More

The issues are the rights of EU citizens in the UK and the reciprocal rights of UK citizens in the EU; the divorce settlement; and the Irish border with the UK. So far there is little sign of agreement... More

I remember the moment, over a year ago, when I read on my social media newsfeed that Nabeel Qureshi had been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. My heart fell. Why? Here was a vibrant and intellectually... More

Based on the book of the same name, The Case for Christ movie follows Lee Strobel’s true story from staunch atheist to believer. With a law degree from Yale, Strobel had great job prospects and soon found... More

Global warming did not cause Irma but will have increased the severity of such hurricanes. The consequences are all too obvious to the people of the Caribbean and Florida this week.Global warming is changing... More

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