The contemporary world pulls us in opposite directions every day. The politician you support, the worldview you subscribe to, even the theologian you read… In almost every important category of life the... More

I have been studying, teaching and doing politics for 55 years and I cannot recall anything like the present deep divisions and the failures of political leadership to build bridges and unite the nation.A... More

                Now Craig has been involved in a number of dialogue events over the years. And back in 2012 he debated skeptical New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman on the question of whether the Gospels... More

“The meaning of history,” wrote Abraham Joshua Heschel, “is to be a sanctuary in time.” With that subtle insight, the noted 20th century rabbi drew attention to the paradoxical standing of human presence... More

More than 1.5 million Britons were killed in the two 20th century world wars. Of course there are still wars like that today, currently civil wars in Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan South, the Central African... More

1. You only read/watch what you already agree with.  The books/blogs you read – or videos you watch – fit in with your existing worldview and serve simply to confirm your own prejudices. You deliberately... More

In a new series the Unbelievable? programme from Premier has begun a series of ‘Big Conversations’. And you don’t get much bigger than Jordan Peterson – the Canadian psychology professor and author of... More

First, we should recognise what is wrong with the EU. It is currently a combination of 28 countries each with their own histories, cultures, languages, economies, strengths and weaknesses. Those who think... More

Of course there is nothing wrong with honest criticism. No one is perfect and capable of 360 degree vision in everything we write.  We can all learn from the insights of others when they are offered graciously.... More

Irish women and children enjoy better health than the English and Welsh, and low abortion rates is part of the reason -  but crossing the red line into despatching humans by abortion will backfire on women.If... More

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