Compared to what happens to people of faith in North Korea, it was insignificantly mild but unless his treatment is challenged it could lead to a situation whereby Christians could eventually find it hard... More

Her argument is that even though the House of Commons had voted for triggering Article 50 to empower her to negotiate with the EU there were saboteurs in Parliament doing their best to frustrate her, including... More

"Dead people don't come back to life. We know that, and they knew that", says NT Wright in this interview. So why did the first Christians claim their crucified Messiah had risen from the dead? Were they... More

This weekend, millions of Christians around the world will be remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.But did Jesus really die? More to the point, did Jesus even exist? Is he a figure of... More

The Syrian army and its allies have used sarin and chlorine gases since 2013, killing thousands. UN weapons inspectors were sent in to confiscate stocks of these weapons but some were obviously secreted... More

Hints that the negotiations may not go the way the voters want have already emerged. Ending free movement from the EU was one of the core issues driving the Brexit campaign. Those who wanted this will... More

The constitutional arrangements in Northern Ireland are unusual, to say the least. No one party is allowed to control the Assembly. That was one outcome of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement that brought to... More

The security level was ‘severe’, meaning that a terrorist incident was ‘highly likely’. It only took one unhinged fanatic to kill three people and mow down more than twenty others, before a policeman shot... More

Little is likely to happen before the French go to the polls in April and May. The ‘divorce bill’ will be at the top of the negotiation agenda. As a member, the UK has supported a number of decisions and... More

I first looked at online pornography when I was 9 after a very innocent search online.It was after a sex education lesson and I didn't understand what one of the words meant. So I went online and searched... More

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