From the outside, my father was living a rich and full life. He was married with four children, two grandsons and three more grandchildren on the way. He owned a big house in south west London, had a steady... More

Most people I talk with who are not Christians have a lot of deep misconceptions about this religion. In a way, this is odd, given our rich Christian heritage in this country. But it also provides some... More

At 7.37 on Tuesday morning Salih Khater drove his Ford Fiesta into Parliament Square, scattering a group of cyclists and seriously injuring one of them before crashing into a barrier outside the St Stephen’s... More

Coming to work in London, every day I see people sleeping rough around the tube station and on the streets. I read reports of High Street stores closing and local authorities cutting services because they... More

I once sold encyclopaedias. I had a sample volume, richly bound, with examples of articles from different sections of the complete set, and a fold-out, life-size illustration of the whole set to lay out... More

The first was an article by Martin Bentham, the Home Affairs Editor of the Evening Standard. He reports that “law enforcers identified 5,145 potential victims of modern slavery last year, up 35% on the... More

 137.9 million people arrived in the UK in the year ending March 2018 but that figure has to be carefully analysed. It included British people returning from holidays, as well as Britons resident or working... More

I have never tried making scrambled eggs made in a bain-marie, but I have often questioned life’s meaning. I think the major take away from listening to Derren Brown and Rev Richard Coles talk about life... More

That is not to say it will, nor to use the possibility as an argument against Brexit. Rather it is to consider these tensions and what they might mean for the future of the UK.Wales was separate until... More

Bringing diverse and brilliant minds together for unique and fascinating conversations is the best part of my job as the host of the radio show and podcast Unbelievable? The latest show is no exception.... More

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