Scott Alexander recently posted “New Atheism: The Godlessness that Failed” on his blog Slate Star Codex. He should have topped this with a picture of Dave Rubin sitting on the lap of a smiling Jordan Peterson.... More

The Social Metrics Commission (SMC), an independent group of experts, reckons that there are now more than 14.3 million people in poverty in this country. 8.3 million of them are working-age adults, 4.6... More

Jeremy Corbyn has already said he will not lead the party in the next election but the loss of 59 seats, including that of Dennis Skinner, the “Beast of Bolsover”, signals the need for a serious debate... More

Controversy is not inherently wrong. Matthew 15:1-20 demonstrates that Jesus engaged in controversy with the Pharisees whom he accused of hypocrisy. The Council of Jerusalem was called to resolve a controversy... More

I confess, I scratched my head when I first heard that Dave Rubin and John Lennox were going to be having a conversation about the death of God on Unbelievable? After the sparky, high-octane match-ups... More

In their recent Big Conversation, Bart Ehrman and Peter J. Williams (and yes, people do sometimes confuse us with each other) were notionally discussing the question ‘Can we trust the story of Jesus?’... More

Last week I heard all the candidates in my constituency speak at a local hustings. None of them indicated that they are people of faith. Worse still, both the leaders of the two parties who might be the... More

The Bible sets high value on the individual but it also sets people in families and communities. “It is not good for the man to be alone” the Creation story tells us (Genesis 2:18). However, one third... More

Good-natured discussions between well-informed individuals are in short supply.  For that reason, Peter Williams’ discussion of his most recent book (‘Can We Trust the Gospels?’) with New Testament scholar... More

Coincidentally, Tuesday also saw the launch of a Labour Party Race and Faith Manifesto at which Mr Corbyn emphatically stated that anti-Semitism has no place in any organisation in the UK and the Labour... More

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