Neither the Council nor the Commission are directly elected and the EU Parliament is not strong enough to hold them to account. That said the nationalism that underlies so much Brexit thinking should also... More

In the 1975 referendum on EU membership 64% voted and 67% backed membership but that vote did not evoke the deep hostilities we have seen since June 2016.  Until we understand these hostilities we will... More

The latter included Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi extermination and East Germans fleeing Soviet repression. Those who helped them were rightly lauded for their humanity and courage. Yet today there is a... More

Every time I visit Premier Christian Radio, it is almost like entering a different world! Or is it?I was properly introduced to Premier Radio in 2010 when Marcus Jones and I started presenting the once-monthly... More

Our negotiators have already had to compromise on how much we pay in the divorce settlement and on the rights of EU citizens remaining in the UK post Brexit. Theresa May stubbornly refuses to consider... More

The President is currently seeking re-election and whilst the outcome is not in doubt, the message this act sends is that he can reach his enemies anywhere, whenever he chooses. When the USSR collapsed,... More

Angela Merkel, the German leader, reckons Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world and Open Doors says “215 million Christians experience high, very high, or extreme persecution”. At the... More

The title of my book - Atheism Kills - seems to have unleashed an apocalyptic hate-fest of epithets, insults and general cantankery at the proposition that atheism as a governing ideology kills.But I still... More

She wants “to have a good trading relationship with the EU. But we also want to be able to negotiate trade deals” with other non-EU countries. (PMQs 28.2.18) For that reason she has ruled out membership... More

One of them had chronic nephritis and his brother donated one of his kidneys to his twin which gave him another five years of life. Since then other organs – pancreas, liver, heart and skin, have been... More

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