The air strikes continue in Iraq and now in Syria. America has been joined by five Arab nations and Britain could sign up soon. The Iraqi Government has formally asked for Britain’s help. Parliament has... More

Regardless of how Scotland votes on Thursday, the independence referendum will have far reaching significance for all of us. It could lead to major changes in how we are governed with the possibility of... More

There are three difficult issues that face the voters. What currency will an independent Scotland use? The Westminster parties say the pound is not an option because Scotland would have no control over... More

Ed Miliband shared the PM’s revulsion at the execution and expressed concern for the British hostage who could be their next victim. He asked about humanitarian aid for those fleeing the Islamic State... More

Professor Jay says that at least 1,400 girls were victims of these crimes. That no one in authority took these crimes seriously, despite three reports, and failed to recognise a duty to protect these children... More

Even allowing for the fact that many Muslims will share disgust at this misrepresentation of their faith, it poses serious questions for British Government and society.A poll published on Monday revealed... More

Lord Dannatt, the former head of the army, has called for British troops to be sent in to extract these minorities and Church leaders have asked for them to be offered asylum here.As the Islamic State,... More

A 'just' war has seven characteristics. It must begin with a formal declaration of war by a legitimate authority. It will only be started as a last resort when all negotiations have broken down. The cause... More

Oh sure I was sexually attracted to Gian, despite the fact he was as tall as Penfold from Danger Mouse and as young as Justin Beiber; on both counts I ruled out ‘too young’ and ‘too short’ with no different... More

This conflict has a long history and a permanent resolution has so far proved elusive.Hammond was in Brussels on Tuesday to agree with other EU Foreign Ministers tougher sanctions to press Russia to end... More

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