Worse still the Assad regime has now employed the nerve agent Sarin killing 1,400. Sarin is classified as a weapon of mass destruction, banned by the U.N. Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993.Last week... More

These elections were for 35 English Councils, including the County Councils which the Conservatives traditionally dominate. They lost control of eight. Labour took Derbyshire from them but the other seven... More

He acknowledged the recovery and said, “For the first time in a long time, there’s a real sense that Britain is on the rise”, but he also warned against complacency. The job was only half done. The deficit... More

The expenses scandal, broken promises and unpopular policies explain this. The 2010 election produced no party with a majority, making a coalition unavoidable and policy compromises inevitable. Austerity... More


 Whilst the Government celebrates every sign of economic recovery, the Opposition’s focus is on the cost of living crisis facing many households. Depending on how inflation is measured, the current rate... More

The Liberal Democrats, who met this week in Glasgow, have a history of querulous conference debates but this year there was more discipline and fewer complaints that the party is losing its soul. Being... More

The Bill now goes to the Lords where a similar result is predicted. Many, but not all, of the Christian MPs, including several Cabinet Ministers were in the ‘noes’ lobby and did their best to persuade... More

The European Parliamentary elections in May will show how real the support for the exit option is but ninety-five Conservative MPs are demanding a parliamentary veto on all past and future actions of the... More

Within these statistics those over 80 are expected to double. However, the reliability of these projections is questioned in light of an unexpected increase in the death rate in the past year. 23,400 more... More

He was formerly a lecturer in theology and philosophy and has sought to develop solutions to long term social, economic and cultural problems in the UK. At one time he saw seen as David Cameron’s policy... More

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