Cameron is persuaded the election is winnable but his party’s image of posh boys out of touch with how the other half live had to be changed. William Hague has left the Foreign Office in a step towards... More

The convention is for their Lordships to give every Bill that begins life in their House a Second Reading. The Committee stage will have to wait for space in the timetable. The House recesses on 31st July... More

...and I mean it this time! Yes, with the new look website the Unbelievable? Blog will be back in business.Subscribe to the blog for regular updates on what's happening on the show, exclusive extra content,... More

The files relate to rumours about MPs and others in public life exploiting vulnerable youngsters for sexual perversion. These rumours come on top of the paedophile activities of Jimmy Saville, Rolfe Harris,... More

Belle  Rating 8½/10  12A  105 minsBelle is the first of two films this month that can be described as ‘mash-ups’ ie. ‘film X meets film Y’. However in the case of Belle it is a whole genre – Jane Austen’s... More

Next Goal Wins  Rating 8½/10  15  98 minsNext Goal Wins tells the story of the football team from American Samoa and their campaign to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. They were at one time ranked... More

Partly this is because these issues require long term thinking and the political horizon is the next election.One example is the energy industry. Nuclear power stations are reaching the end of their productive... More

‘How else am I supposed to know what I can improve on as a steadfast woman, as an attractive woman, if my dear friend Gian, can’t tell me himself? You may be stopping me from finding my husband tomorrow... More

Ed Miliband tried to exploit this as evidence of Cameron’s flawed character, claiming that he was the first Prime Minister to employ a criminal in Downing Street. He listed three warnings the Prime Minister... More

They must have heard something about loving their enemies because in Wednesdays Prime Minister’s Questions both adopted an unusually civil, cross-party approach to the crisis in Iraq.Cameron disagreed... More

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