At his party conference Ed Miliband promised a 20 month energy price freeze if Labour wins the 2015 election. At Prime Minister’s Questions Mr Cameron chided him for not understanding that energy prices... More

 His aim was to identify changes necessary to make the Church confident in the gospel, compassionate in community service and creative in proclaiming the gospel to a generation under-represented in the... More

Homes on the Somerset levels remain under water and strong winds took down power to thousands of other homes. The Prime Minister took over chairmanship of Cobra, the crisis committee, in the face of criticism... More

But the long and the short of it is that I don’t believe in tithing. At least not the sort of tithing that much of the church teaches us about.  Here’s why:There are a lot of things I really like about... More

Ten past eight on the last Tuesday morning of January, my phone rang.Half an hour earlier, I’d sent my wife and kids off to school. Normally I’d get up before they went but it’d been a bit chaotic so I... More

Image: Soul Survivor Conference, which began when I was a teenagerWe were at the back of the hall, both of us, huddled up, our backs against the wall. Her coat smelt faintly of the secret cigarette she’d... More

And then I read his book, A Story Unfinished (affiliate link), an exquisitely-written memoir telling how he and his wife made sense of that experience spiritually. I am honoured to have him here to tell... More

So…how can you face the things that you just don’t want to face, in a powerful, godly and effective way? Here are 3 simple steps…Step 1 – PowerThe closer something is, the bigger it seems … which is why... More

So, here are the 5 essential life skills that she demonstrated, that will help any person of any age not just survive…but thrive:1. The Centre of the Universe – NOTRemember, she’s just 5 years old. The... More

Why?The Battle for RelevanceBecause as anointed a church planter as the Apostle Paul was, at some point those churches lost their relevance. At some point…they died.So let me ask you – how relevant is... More

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