I'll be honest; I don't photograph well. It could be because of the inherent insecurity deep within my soul, or it might be due to my slimy, scaly skin and drooling visage. But I never like how I look... More

When I say staying true to myself I mean: living in hibernation whilst I chewed on my own calf bone getting in the first draft for my first book The Virgin Monologues (out November 2014, published by Authentic).Amongst... More

The Prime Minister had to rebuke Theresa May and Michael Gove for their tiff about the issue and Ofsted was authorised to undertake surprise inspections without notice. At Prime Minister’s Questions Ed... More

There are twelve multi-member electoral regions, each having between three and ten MEPs. Britain uses the Closed Party List system in which voters cast their votes for a party list and seats are allocated... More

Sixteen Bills have been passed and five others are carried over to the new Session. The next session will conclude with the General Election on May 7th.The economy will inevitably be a major electoral... More

The House of Commons returned from the Easter recess on Monday and kicked off with the Second Reading of the HS2 Bill. This has all party support but 50 rebels, mostly Conservatives, voted against it.... More

The irony of writing about relationships, the trials, the tribulations is that to stay accountable, you must cover those you write about. So details in matters of the heart will always remain a mystery.... More

The big story this week was about the sale of Royal Mail. The Opposition claimed that the public had lost £1bn as a result of a premature sale. The shares were sold for £3 but are currently selling for... More

Wednesday gave us the Budget, the Chancellor’s annual statement about the state of the economy and the changes in taxation and fiscal policy for the next year and beyond. Mr Osborne reported the economy... More

I recently wrote and voiced some “Thought Of The Day” slots for Premier Christian Radio which have been running in the past week on our weekday breakfast show (7.30am in the morning if you really want... More

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