Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J. is the lead astronomer for Pope Francis. Listen to this interview in which he gives Premier's Justin Brierley an insight to life in the Vatican, what his work actually entails,... More

Hello and welcome to The Unbelievable? Blog.I’ll be posting regular content here for those interested in theology, philosophy, apologetics, the Bible, ethics, debates between Christians and non-Christians... More

Liberal Democrat supporters have been discombobulated by allegations against their former Chief Executive, Lord Rennard. Up to ten women are accusing him of inappropriate touching at least five years ago.... More

It might also be that he does not enjoy sacking people and some of the departing Ministers challenged his decision and tears were shed.The Prime Minister’s aim was to reinvigorate the Government, bring... More

There are a number of Christian organisations campaigning on public policy issues to influence Government and Parliament but do they have any similarity to America’s religious right? Occasional headlines... More

He later said that he would never use the word but Peter Tatchell told him not to be afraid to do so because opposition to the proposed legislation on same-sex marriage was rooted in a “deep-seated homophobic... More

Parliamentary debates are usually about the pros and cons of specific policies and too often in Government the law of unintended consequences interrupts, forcing embarrassing U-turns as we saw with the... More

I recalled this whilst reading a challenging book by Paul Mills and Michael Schluter, After Capitalism: Rethinking Economic Relationships. Their thesis is that whilst capitalism frees people to trade and... More

Relationships are central to biblical theology and Christian morals but everyone, regardless of faith or lack of one, knows the value and centrality of relationships in virtually every sphere of life.... More

The failure of the press to abstain from the latter whilst fulfilling the former was the reason for Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry which reported this week.The Judge concluded that the press had “wreaked... More

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