It feels like we are united around a common cause.Christians want this to happen about something more permanent and fundamental than sporting achievement but that looks unlikely. Wherever I look I find... More

Alongside a continuing commitment to reduce the deficit, rebalance the economy, reform welfare and education, and support hard-working families, they want to help working mothers pay for child care, with... More

The funeral was a very public event, with numerous political supporters and opponents present, but nonetheless a religious ceremony. The Bishop of London’s address acknowledged the “storm of conflicting... More

The case against the late Mr Savile must be thoroughly investigated and his alleged victims given the help they need to find healing and peace, but they are not the only victims that need help.Tom Watson... More

The Commission has asked for a 5% increase in the budget that would take it to more than 1 trillion euros over the 7 years. David Cameron planned to argue for a budget freeze but Parliament voted for a... More

Seventy years of tinkering and ad hoc development has made the welfare system overly complex and unsustainably expensive. There are now 32 different benefits costing taxpayers £492.82 billion in 2011-12.... More

Whilst the President is admired in the UK amongst politicians and the public, he is less popular at home than when first elected in 2008. In part the expectations of him were beyond realisation in the... More

She is the only female Prime Minister we have had. She held that office for 11 years, longer than anyone except Sir Robert Walpole who lasted almost 21 years (1721-42). The daughter of a Grantham grocer,... More

That is to misread the speech. He eschewed the rhetoric of both right and left to recognise that whilst serious criminals should be sent to prison, they should be reformed there so that they are released... More

Hacking phones for private information and publishing untruthful and exaggerated headlines to sell newspapers, as the Dowlers, McCanns and many others have experienced, is outrageous abuse of press freedom.... More

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