Strong leaders inspire the respect of their followers who seek assurance in tough days. Strong leaders continue to cast a compelling vision when others can see only the discouragements of the present.I... More

This is true, yet it’s often the poor who are most generous. I noticed this in Africa.I was doing a Holiday Club for children in Zimbabwe. I knew the drill, I had run dozens of Holiday Clubs in Britain.... More

I stare at that one sentence, “the Lord had come to the aid of his people by providing food for them” and a series of Biblical scenes flash through my mind.In the beginning, the nothingness and the void,... More

How do you respond when God has taken everything from you?God hasn’t taken everything from me, of course. I have lots of things in my life. But there are days when it feels like it. I miss running. I miss... More

Let me shock you. It’s not just you. It’s not just your marriage.Passion dies eventually…in 100% of marriages. 100%!! According to author and marriage counsellor Dr David Clarke. But there is something... More

Sitting on a leather sofa, sipping water and wiping tears, I presented her with my angsty questions. I looked at her proper grown-up mantel piece and knew that I was supposed to be grown up by now, in... More

That was never God’s plan. Find out how you can stop that from happening – with 3 powerful things that you can do to tear down the wall in your marriage.One brick at a time.Why Does It Happen?Well, that’s... More

I stop before the emotion catches up with me: pause, concentrate on my breathing, the rest of the words, unsaid, flowing through my mind.That I can’t breathe properly when I try and walk, that again my... More

The Newfrontiers family of churches were founded on the idea that God may intervene into our world. And Simon had read about God’s intervention in parts of the Two Thirds world – churches in Africa, Latin... More

I listened with interest as the Woman to Woman show debated the question - can a married woman be close friends with a male other than her husband?Maria was joined in the studio by Christian psychotherapist... More

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