The 2010 election left the Conservatives as the largest parliamentary party but still 20 MPs short of a majority and had to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. In 2015 the voters punished the... More

Our Prime Minister has been described by colleagues to be a habitual liar and a serial adulterer. The Christian MP, Ian Blackford, says Johnson has “made a career out of lying”. Another Christian MP and... More

That austerity programme was intended to reduce national debt as a percentage of GDP and stop the nation living beyond its means. By the 2015 election, the deficit had been reduced by half, partly by selling... More

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Rarely a week goes by without the media reporting evidence of global warming and climate change; rising sea levels, deforestation and forest fires in the Amazon Basin or the USA, and the depletion of energy... More

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I am an atheist. But I’m not one of those atheists…You know the type. The ones who spend every waking hour crafting internet memes like ‘I stopped believing in imaginary friends when I was 8 years old’... More