Hacking phones for private information and publishing untruthful and exaggerated headlines to sell newspapers, as the Dowlers, McCanns and many others have experienced, is outrageous abuse of press freedom.... More

Notices from HMRC have hit door mats this week and will cause concern in some homes.Child Benefit dates from 1977 but its real origins lie in 1946 when Family Allowances were created. Child Benefit was... More

It received a largely hostile reception from the media as well the Opposition but detached observers may think many of them are missing the point in one way or another. First, the Chancellor admitted that... More

The performance of Stafford Hospital between 2005 and 2008, when 1,200 patients died unnecessarily and patients were sometimes grossly neglected, fell well below acceptable standards expected in NHS hospitals.... More

Nevertheless, given the stagnant state of the economy and a series of gaffes, speakers had their work cut out to motivate members and persuade the nation that the party has not lost its way, as the Opposition... More

It revealed the UK population has grown by 7% over the last decade but the percentage of people identifying as Christian declined by 13%. In contrast those who have no faith rose by 10%. In Tower Hamlets... More

Mr Miliband says the Government’s economic strategy has failed while the PM says the Opposition has no plan that does not involve spending more and increasing the deficit. Whatever the truth of these jibes,... More

London is the exception only because the Mayor of London is also the Police Commissioner. Those elected will take office on 22nd November and be responsible for setting priorities for local policing and... More

King Herod tried to kill him after visitors from the east enquired about “one who has been born King of the Jews”[i], forcing Joseph and Mary to take him to Egypt as a refugee. Right from the beginning... More

Last year he was embarrassed by a Commons vote for a cut in this budget whilst the European Commission asked for a 6% increase. He confounded critics by negotiating the first cut in the EU’s history. The... More

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