They are a young party, formed in 1988 when the Liberal Party merged with the Social Democrats. Until 2010 they were an opposition party, though their Liberal forebears were regularly in office during... More

The first of these was cyber bullying. David Simpson, the MP for Upper Bann, moved the motion, “That this House recognises the serious problem of cyber-bullying and the appalling consequences for an increasing... More

Was this just a typical by-election result, not likely to be repeated at the 2015 General Election, or is there another interpretation?The Liberal Democrat victory was no surprise. Although the seat was... More

His supporters say he is not known rather than disliked so the conference was his opportunity to show why he should be the next occupant of No 10.His speech on Tuesday was brave. He spoke without a text... More

The economy is clearly recovering from the deepest recession in living memory but Labour argues that the richest are benefiting but not the poorest. The Government responds that its policies are working,... More

The Bill now goes into Committee for detailed scrutiny and critics will seek to amend it. Barring dramatic developments the Bill is likely to move to the Lords before the Easter recess but could face a... More

These gatherings were once big events that captured the headlines but years of steady shrinking membership mean that they have lost significance and impact.In 1991 there were a million Conservatives but... More

Predictably the main focus has been on Heathrow and Gatwick, our premier hub airports. Heathrow serves the largest passenger through-put of any international airport, last year handling 70 million passengers,... More

Social networking is a fiendish thing: Facebook allows me to hijack threads and sarcastically comment on inane statuses and self-indulgent photos, Twitter is amazingly nonsensical, and as a man I don’t... More

I always thought dating websites existed to help reluctant singles discover love. Ironically, I had chosen the only dating website in the world that seemed to value chastity and singleness over romance.... More

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