Unlike many of my male Christian contemporaries, I didn’t meet my soulmate when I was ten, get engaged at eleven and married at twelve. At least, that’s what it seemed like as I reluctantly lingered in... More

My Quest For Love hit a wall. Whilst lamenting my singleness to a couple of my married friends over a glass of rose (don’t judge me), I may have used the words ‘shelf’ and ‘left’. They decided to stage... More

Ok, so cards on the table time – as a 37 year old…well, I was about to write ‘singleton’ but I have to confess I absolutely loathe that word and the many others that so often come along side it like ‘spinster’,... More

Bolt up your hope as if it’s the last thing you own. For you’ll need it in the hardest days. When it feels like you’re wearing confusion for contact lenses and everywhere you turn you can’t hide the tears... More

Untrapped love? What?As the weeks began to unfold back on Californian soil, I realized untrapped love was about letting each other still journey in growth, just as we did when we were friends. My identity... More

It’s all delightful in principle, but these are niceties that could be reiterated to the next girl, and the next, and the next.I’m talking about being known. Starting sentences that get finished by him.... More

Oh, alright – I’ll explain.I’m talking about the men who have so much testicular fortitude they remind us of that very young [later to become king] David. The men who grab the daily Goliaths by the gonads,... More

A few months ago I found myself in the latter. A hip hop club, northern California, 2am.I should have known how my night was going to turn out when the bar tender raised his eyebrows at my request for... More

Here’s what else we shouldn’t do. Go back to the ex.Did she just put dousing someone in petroleum on the same par as going back to the ex-boyfriend? Yes – yes she did.You/he self-sabotaged, had no boundaries,... More

The girls in eastern Asia could tell you a few tales about emotional vulnerability…..But what about western women who don’t live in third world countries that have a roof over their head and Manolos in... More

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