The economy is forecast to grow by 2.7% this year, faster than any other European economy. Unemployment continues to fall and 1.3 million new jobs have been created in the private sector. The deficit is... More

Egged on by their jeering supporters, each tries to make the other look totally incompetent and inadequate for the offices they occupy. Only rarely, as when a tragedy has occurred, do they behave like... More

The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards recognised this in its final report, pointing to a lack of personal responsibility, senior figures “sheltering behind an accountability firewall”, with... More

Allegations that a member of the public witnessed the fracas are disproved by CCTV evidence. Mr Mitchell subsequently met three members of the Police Federation in his constituency and they reported that... More

With support from the Prime Minister the group has seen Internet Service Providers required to verify the age of the person setting controls on all newly purchased Broadband packages and computers.Viewing... More

Wright is a New Testament scholar and a student of early Christian thought. One of his aims is to free Christians from the distorting influence of Platonic philosophy and Enlightenment rationalism, especially... More

 Sadly, my focus is not on them but on our own political system. Surely, that cannot be true, you may think, but please think again.We may have free elections, a Parliament to hold government to account,... More

Abraham Lincoln’s definition of democracy as ‘government of the people, for the people, by the people’ sounds right but only works if the people are sufficiently motivated, informed and intellectually... More


The architect of this major development was Lord Adonis, Labour’s Transport Secretary in 2009. The Coalition took over the project in 2010 despite opposition within its own ranks. Speaking at this year’s... More


Despite the PM’s draft Bill committing his party to a referendum on UK membership of the EU if the Conservatives are elected in 2015, 114 backbenchers voted for an amendment to the Loyal Address in response... More

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