Despite the PM’s draft Bill committing his party to a referendum on UK membership of the EU if the Conservatives are elected in 2015, 114 backbenchers voted for an amendment to the Loyal Address in response... More

Christmas and the New Year were spoiled for many families when the fiercest storms for twenty years, combined with exceptionally high tides and 70 mph plus winds left a trail of devastation.  Seven people... More

Miliband went on to suggest a shortage of nurses, beds and senior A&E doctors. The Prime Minister disputed these claims and said that there now more A&E consultants than five years ago. Emergency units... More


The fact that a large number of Conservatives voted against the Bill and their supporters in the country opposed it 2:1 made it risky for the party’s leadership. UKIP were against the move and could attract... More

Their slogan was ‘One Nation Society’ but their speeches and policy announcements seemed to be those of a lurch to the left and abandonment of the centrist New Labour agenda which gave them three victories... More

This week’s poll concerned Ed Miliband who was seen to be less trustworthy, decisive or competent than Gordon Brown. A similar poll last year found David Cameron disliked by 54% of those questioned and... More

Taken with the fall in inflation to 2.1% and a growth rate revised upwards by the IMF to 2.4%, we have clear evidence that the economy is recovering and growing faster than any developed economy except... More

EU Commissioners have dubbed Britain the ‘nasty country’ whilst reaction at home asks ‘why so little - so late’. As from 1st January Romanians and Bulgarians will be free to enter Britain legally and the... More

On the other, there is still a widespread reluctance to accept personal responsibility and an expectation that the nanny state will decide everything for us. In the 2010 election David Cameron set out... More

At his party conference Ed Miliband promised a 20 month energy price freeze if Labour wins the 2015 election. At Prime Minister’s Questions Mr Cameron chided him for not understanding that energy prices... More

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