So, what should you do, when things don’t go to plan?1.  ”Failure” is a Biblical ConceptSomewhere along the line, we got to thinking that success means that we’re in God’s will, and failure means that,... More

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He was considering Christianity, but as a brilliant scholar of history he had a question… isn’t the story of Jesus just another myth, like so many other stories of dying and rising gods from antiquity?His... More

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Time for a Change?The other day on Twitter I picked up this quote from Dr Tayo Adeyemi in the UK – it really caught my eye: "You are either a blessing or a burden; an asset or a liability; a problem solver... More

Such apprenticeships provided holistic training, developing not just a skill base, but the character qualities required to become a valued and trusted member of the community. They were, of course, nothing... More