Such apprenticeships provided holistic training, developing not just a skill base, but the character qualities required to become a valued and trusted member of the community. They were, of course, nothing... More

But God didn’t create you or me, to feel like that. He didn’t create you and me to be the Ugly Duckling. No. He has a much better plan for our lives than that.Much better.Here’s a seven and a half-minute... More

Here are 3 powerful lessons that I learned from a “small giant” in my life.His Name Is Phil LittlejohnHe was the pastor of a tiny church – the Oyster Bay Christian Church – in the southern suburbs of Sydney,... More

Strong leaders inspire the respect of their followers who seek assurance in tough days. Strong leaders continue to cast a compelling vision when others can see only the discouragements of the present.I... More

Let me shock you. It’s not just you. It’s not just your marriage.Passion dies eventually…in 100% of marriages. 100%!! According to author and marriage counsellor Dr David Clarke. But there is something... More

That was never God’s plan. Find out how you can stop that from happening – with 3 powerful things that you can do to tear down the wall in your marriage.One brick at a time.Why Does It Happen?Well, that’s... More

The Newfrontiers family of churches were founded on the idea that God may intervene into our world. And Simon had read about God’s intervention in parts of the Two Thirds world – churches in Africa, Latin... More

How is a family meant to hang together these days? Well, there are some simple answers!The ‘Good Old Days’I remember with great delight the days that I used to come home from school as a kid. I was allowed... More

That tells me something. It tells me that people care deeply about their families. As difficult and as strife torn as many families are, they really matter to us.Yet so many of us are disappointed when... More

There may be times when God gives an individual a particular vision of course, but the New Testament Christianity is a million miles from the ‘Moses on the mountain’ experience that which was special for... More

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