It is to identify a principle that is central to biblical teaching that is credible to almost everyone and to build our political thinking and policy proposals around that principle, using non-religious... More

Some people become homeless because they are in arrears on their mortgage or rental payments. Sometimes it is because their relationship with a partner has broken down or they were living in tied accommodation... More

The week started with EU leaders responding negatively to the Prime Minister’s proposals for scrapping the ‘backstop’ and enabling the UK to leave the EU without a hard border between Northern Ireland... More

The new deal proposed by the Government is highly likely to be rejected by the EU and the P.M. has indicated that would mean leaving the EU without a deal. Parliament has rejected that twice and Opposition... More

The world was introduced to Bret Weinstein by a religious war he didn’t see coming. Having been driven out of Evergreen College in Washington State by a woke inquisition Bret now wants to reduce the hostility... More

The current debate about Brexit is an obvious example. It has divided the nation and the two largest political parties, led to Theresa May’s resignation and her replacement by Boris Johnson, who has now... More

The Court ruled that Parliament had not been prorogued and was free to meet. It met again on Wednesday and was the scene of deep anger and abuse so much so that all 118 Bishops of the Church of England... More

The popular Unbelievable? show, an apologetics and theology discussion program hosted by Justin Brierley on Premier Christian Radio, has just launched a new season of The Big Conversation. The video series... More

We joined the European Economic Community that became the EU in 1973 and our membership was confirmed by 67.2% votes in the 1973 referendum. That is worth stating because it reminds us that even then close... More

Age is one of them. 81% of 55-64 year olds and 83% of 65+ voted whilst only 36% of 18-24 year olds did so. The significance of this is that the older citizens were more likely to have more socially conservative... More