Approximately three times the height of the average child, its face was painted a gentle brown, eyes wide and white, teeth breaking into a conspiratorial smile. My Mum would lift me onto it, and I could... More

Some people of course remain unconvinced – they see tithing as an important part of being a Christian.I don’t, because I believe that grace opens the door to a whole new level of giving. A “New Covenant”... More

Many more went to check it out, with some five million attended over 12 years from 1994. It eventually led to a movement known as Catch the Fire, and in 2009, a church known as Catch the Fire, London was... More

In fact to most people he’s a complete unknown. So spend a few minutes reading his story, because I believe that each one of us – unknowns though we may be – has the capacity to be...a hero!The Making... More

It was indeed excellent and I was happy to pass it in to a fellow Agricultural Economics student.Fast forward 30 years to 2004 and I discover that the author of this book, Josh McDowell was coming to Premier... More

Dull moments are rare. But imagine if you had to do just one thing? And imagine that one thing was funerals?Well that’s the experience of a recent guest, on the Leadership File, Colin Green. He just leads... More

The award was given for: his work in encouraging scientific research and harmony among religions. It was presented inside St Paul’s cathedral in London, after Buddhist monks spent time chanting and worshipping... More

But in his leadership definition, we all lead. Some of us badly, some unconsciously, and some reluctantly. But we all do.Let’s back up for a minute. Trevor heads us, a charity that... More

Well, according to Neil Hudson, it’s is time for church leaders to change the contract they have with their church. He is the author of Imagine Church, a book that reflects on a series of pilot projects... More

Transferring the analogy to the Christian world may seem crass, but there’s no doubt that many church leaders are failing to secure some vital information, that could be fairly easy to obtain, by asking... More