Evangelism at Christmas

Here we have selected some great reads from our years evangelising to the nation. Please let us know your favourites and discuss your thoughts below or on our facebook page.

1. Can Twitter Change The World?

A major application of Twitter for the Church is as a place to share ideas and enjoy stimulating discussion about mission and theology


2. Enthusiast For Evangelism

"I think it’s healthy for pastors to seek the assistance of others who have spiritual gifts that complement their own." Premier Christianity on giving evangelists roles that make a real difference in the local church.

3. Outdated

"The wedding invitations started to arrive the year after we graduated, and they haven’t stopped since." A great piece of journalism investigating the lives of those who haven't had it all sewn up, only coming to Christ years after university."

 4. Do's and Don'ts of Evangelism

The moral of the story when pitching to the unconverted: don’t try to force it, and start making friends with non-believers that hold up on close scrutiny.

 5. Online Apologetics and Evangelism

In the last three years, social media use has trebled to 1.3billion. The average visitor spends 6 hours on blogs. Given the audience, how is it best to plant that seed online.

 6. Answering the Problem of Evil and Suffering

If real evil exists, there must be an overall moral law, and the God of the bible is genocidal maniac. Such is the suffering problem as presented by the new-age atheist...

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